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    Mission statement

    The Fine Art Collective is passionate about art materials.  We want all artists to have the knowledge to make informed choices about the materials they use.  We want to enable artists to push the boundaries of creativity, safe in the knowledge their artwork will stand the test of time.


    Supported by world leading fine art brands Winsor & Newton, Liquitex and Conté à Paris, The Fine Art Collective is a worldwide network of like-minded individuals, passionate about art materials. 

    ·         We are a global community of artists and technical experts

    ·         We provide expertise on artists’ colours, tools and techniques

    ·         We connect artists to other artists all around the world, through our global brand partners

    Our activities

    We run technical workshops for art students all over the world, in partnership with universities, colleges and arts organisations.  Delivered by practising artists with a passion for materials, the workshops take an in-depth look at the production of artist colours, the variety of materials available today and techniques for using them.

    Students benefit from hands-on experience with a range of colours and mediums, and can sign up to receive our regular newsletters and gain access to other useful resources.

    We offer workshops on:

    ·         Oil colour

    ·         Acrylic colour

    ·         Watercolour and gouache

    ·         Sketching, drawing and illustration

    ·         Printmaking (in some regions)


    Workshops are currently available in the following regions:

    ·         Australia

    ·         BeNeLux: Belgium, The Netherlands, Luxembourg

    ·         China

    ·         France

    ·         Germany

    ·         Italy

    ·         Iberia: Spain, Portugal

    ·         North America: United States of America, Canada

    ·         Poland

    ·         United Kingdom

    ·         (The programme will soon be available in Scandinavia)




    North America

    Contact: Jimmy Leslie - jleslie@colartusa.com





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