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What Makes Muted So Special?

Paints and Tools, Intermixability

The Muted Collection opens up new artistic possibilities – these colors are not easily achievable by just mixing colors already available in our range.






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Intermixable Paint Markers: Three Artists Doing it Their Way

Paints and Tools, Intermixability


Indoors or out, Liquitex Professional Paint Markers work perfectly as part of an intermixable toolkit. We caught up with three artists who use them to add extra intermixability to their practice and quizzed them on how they do it.







October 05, 2015 Read More >


Griffin Art Prize Winner Explores Migration Through Intermixability

Artists Features, Intermixability

Every year, Liquitex supports Griffin Art Prize, celebrating emerging talent. Designed to have meaningful impact on the career of one emerging artist, it is an annual residency and exhibition award for UK-based artists in painting and drawing. The winner is given the time, space and materials to develop work for a solo show at Griffin Gallery.

Griffin Art Prize winner Chudamani Clowes is the accolade’s most intermixable winner yet. Using media from Spray Paint to Ink on unexpected surfaces like survival blankets and banana paper, she encompasses ceramic, print, painting, performance and sculpture into her work.

September 10, 2015 Read More >


Intermixable Mediums: Three Artists Doing it Their Way

Artists Features, Paints and Tools, Tips and Ideas, Intermixability

Intermixability doesn’t stop at combining your favorite Liquitex products, from Heavy Body to Ink, Spray Paint, Paint Marker, and more. Add Mediums into the mix and endless possibilities for achieving versatile textures, applications, color and finish effects are at your fingertips.

We headed to the studios of three intermixable artists and quizzed them on what Mediums they use, and how their finished artworks are transformed by the simple addition of Mediums.

September 08, 2015 Read More >


#LiquitexTips: 6 ways to create intermixable art

Tips and Ideas, Intermixability


Can you believe we mark the 60th anniversary of Liquitex this year? That’s six decades of experimenting, learning and growing through acrylic paint, ink, markers and spray paint!

We’re lucky to work with and be inspired by some truly amazing artists around the globe. To celebrate our diamond anniversary, we’ve assembled the Liquitex Artist Panel to answer your burning questions.

This month, we asked the Panel how they like to create intermixable art, and cherry-picked six tips that will get you well on your way to creating your next artwork.

August 19, 2015 Read More >


Three tips for getting inside intermixability from artist Darragh Powell

Tips and Ideas, Intermixability

France-based artist Darragh Powell is interested in man’s relationship with the paradoxically imposing yet delicate natural world. To him, beauty is most saturated in the locations that man has forgotten. Intermixably using Liquitex acrylic paints, inks and other media, Powell immerses his viewers in a space where nature dominates.

An advocate of intermixable painting, Powell provides his top three tips for working with two or more products from the Liquitex range.

August 18, 2015 Read More >


Inside Intermixability with Artist Evy Jokhova

Artists Features, Intermixability

Thoughtful, meditative, and nothing if not versatile, artist and bookmaker Evy Jokhova worked under a number of creative guises prior to arriving at her current practice. London-based Jokhova has acted as a graphic designer, set and event designer, gallery manager, and book restorer, spanning a spectrum of arts-related occupations with panache. “These professions have always supported my education and development as a fine artist,” says Jokhova, whose pursuit of the arts burgeoned even further in the past, evolving with sophistication and focus over the course of time and travels.

August 12, 2015 Read More >


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