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What Makes Muted So Special?

Paints and Tools, Intermixability

The Muted Collection opens up new artistic possibilities – these colors are not easily achievable by just mixing colors already available in our range.






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Intermixable Paint Markers: Three Artists Doing it Their Way

Paints and Tools, Intermixability


Indoors or out, Liquitex Professional Paint Markers work perfectly as part of an intermixable toolkit. We caught up with three artists who use them to add extra intermixability to their practice and quizzed them on how they do it.







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Intermixable Mediums: Three Artists Doing it Their Way

Artists Features, Paints and Tools, Tips and Ideas, Intermixability

Intermixability doesn’t stop at combining your favorite Liquitex products, from Heavy Body to Ink, Spray Paint, Paint Marker, and more. Add Mediums into the mix and endless possibilities for achieving versatile textures, applications, color and finish effects are at your fingertips.

We headed to the studios of three intermixable artists and quizzed them on what Mediums they use, and how their finished artworks are transformed by the simple addition of Mediums.

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Mediums & Textures Uncovered

Paints and Tools

Composition, color and hue are important elements in any painting, however texture is another dimension which is also used to communicate emotion and meaning. Artists manipulate the texture of their surface throughout the painting process using techniques from traditional glazing to collage. Liquitex Mediums & Texture gels provide limitless ways for artists to explore this texture, while maintaining vibrant color.

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Preparing a stable surface for painting

Paints and Tools, Tips and Ideas

There may be certain instances when an artist is not concerned with their work lasting a long time; maybe for a one time installation piece or possibly they want their work to speak to the temporary nature of all things. However, most of us would like our work to live on as a legacy of who we were or what we had to say. Me? I’m just hoping my kids don’t throw it all in a trash bin some day!

So what can we do to ensure that our work will stand the test of time? We can start by using the best professional grade art materials available. Ah-hem, Liquitex anyone? But is that really the start? No, think of it this way; a good painting surface is just like the foundation of a house. You can build me the most beautiful house, but if the foundation is weak it will fall apart sooner or later and I will not be happy! Keeping that in mind let’s discuss the best surfaces for painting with all those great Liquitex products you’ve amassed over the years.

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Introducing Liquitex Professional Paint Markers

Paints and Tools

Introducing Liquitex Professional Paint Markers; a range of professional, low odor acrylic markers designed for artists. With an unrivalled selection of 50 vibrant water-based colors and the ability to intermix with all other Liquitex color ranges, the markers are an invaluable and versatile tool.

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