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    Southern California

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    Daniela Campins was born in Leeds, England and grew up in Venezuela since the age of two. After moving to Southern California Daniela earned her Bachelors of Fine Art in Drawing and Painting from California State University Long Beach and her Masters of Fine Arts at the University of California Santa Barbara.  In 2011 she was awarded the VCU arts Painting and Printmaking Fountainhead Arts Fellowship.  In her works Daniela articulates aspects of physical concepts, but in its organization, and not in its accurate resemblance or mimetic appearance. Compositions are casual and abstract manifestations of concepts like gravity, buoyancy, collision, pulling and dissolution dominate. Her process is a constant of impulse and restrain, a visual descriptive narrative of fallen spatters, cascading marks, anchored drips, and severed parts.  She has been included in exhibitions at The Torrance Museum of Art, Boom: Los Angeles, GLAMFA, New Wight Gallery in UCLA, Atkinson Gallery at the Santa Barbara City College, the Santa Barbara Museum of Fine Art (CA), Reynolds Gallery in Richmond (VA), Art Platform—Los Angeles, and the Rheeway Gallerie (CA).


    Coverage Area: Southern California


    Website: www.danielacampins.com  


    To Book A Demo: danielacampins@colartusa.com



    Past Demonstrations Include: 

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