• Glossies Acrylic Enamels

  • This product range has been discontinued.
    Spectrum: 24 Colors
    Properties: Dries Hard & Glossy On Slick Surfaces
    Consistency: Smooth
    Finish: Glossy

    Liquitex Glossies are waterbased acrylic enamels that are formulated for use on slick non porous materials such as glass, tile, ceramics, stoneware, china, enamelware, primed metal, wood and other non-oily surfaces. They dry to a high gloss finish and are non-toxic.

    • 24 professional color spectrum
    • Air-dried colors dry to a durable, high gloss finish
    • Heat-set colors dry to a scratch resistant, high gloss finish 
    • All colors are light-fast
    • Suitable for indoor and outdoor applications (when heat-set) 
    • All Glossies colors are intermixable and can be easily blended to achieve any color 
    • Contain no solvents, just clean up with soap and water


    • Heat-set Liquitex Glossies will soften when soaked in hot water or exposed to heat and return to proper hardness upon cooling. Allow to cool prior to rubbing, cleaning or wetting surface. 
    • Hand wash in warm water with mild dishwashing detergent. 
    • Do not place extremely hot pans, etc. on baked Liquitex Glossies . 
    • Not recommended for shower stall tile installation. Repeated exposure to hot water adversely affects adhesion. 
    • Not recommended for "heavy use" applications, such as kitchen countertops, floors, etc. 
    • Do not clean Liquitex Glossies (heat set or air-dried) with scouring cleaners, as they will abrade surface. 
    • Care should be taken if using grout in between heat set Liquitex Glossies tiles. Grout is abrasive and can scratch surface. A non-abrasive acrylic tile grout is recommended. 
    • Do not use on flexible surfaces. 
    • Do not use in food contact surface applications. 
    • May be used on outside of mugs, bowls, etc. Do not paint within the top 3/4" (20mm) of drinking vessel. May be painted on underside of clear glass dishes.

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