Inspire. What inspires you?

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    Inspirations behind each painting

    This unique gallery displays the artwork alongside the photo, quote or idea that inspired it. This approach adds an extra dimension to the usual online gallery and each work tells its own story for you to browse through. This painting, Mood Indigo, was painted by Dale Knaak.



    Share your art and inspiration or simply immerse yourself in this unique visual gallery. Use the more button to scroll through more paintings. Use the sort buttons to see a genre or the medium used for the painting. Or simply click on the image to bring up the details.




    See how artists use Liquitex!

    Curious about how other artists are using Liquitex Acrylic Paint and Mediums? Use the filter buttons to see the art created by those products. Interested in only a particular genre of artwork, use the filter to highlight only that artwork.


    Check out our Featured Artists

    We are proud to feature 11 highly creative, acrylic artists. Please explore their work and their perspectives and enjoy. It is the creativity and innovation of artists like these that give us the drive and passion to make the highest quality acrylic paints, mediums and tools available.

  • A unique on-line visual playground

    Welcome to inspire!

    Inspire is a unique place where you can share both your art and the inspiration that drove you to make that art. Become a part of the inspire community and share your art with other artists.

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