• Interference Colors

  • This product range has been discontinued.
    Spectrum: 6 Colors
    Properties: Reflective & Metallic
    Consistency: Fluid
    Finish: Opalescent Satin

    Liquitex Interference Paints are colorless, transparent paints made from titanium coated mica flakes rather than traditional pigments.

    • Professional quality colors with a creamy smooth consistency
    • They are also known as "Opalescent Colors" 
    • Liquitex Interference Paints change their color (exhibiting a metallic look and color shift) depending upon the viewing angle
    • As the light hits the mica flakes, it either bounces off directly, reflecting the labeled color, or passes through to another layer and bounces out at a different refractive index displaying the complimentary color 
    • The effect is visually similar to a thin coat of oil floating on water


    • Use in any technique or surface suitable for any acrylic paint or acrylic medium. 
    • Apply straight from container, thinned with water or mixed with any Liquitex Acrylic Color, Iridescent Color, Fluid or Gel Acrylic Medium to produce an endless variety of colors and effects.
    • Apply thin layers rather than one thick one. 
    • Thin applications in a wash or glaze increase the visual interference effects. 
    • To achieve a visually opaque coat, apply a base color that matches the "flip" or complement of the interference color, before applying the interference color. (i.e. Naphthol Crimson underneath Interference Green). 
    • To increase interference color effect, add 1% Mars Black to interference color. 
    • To create iridescent grays, add 2-5% Mars Black to interference color. 
    • Applied over white surfaces or light colors, they are translucent. 
    • Applied over black or dark surfaces, they are seen as brilliant pastel colors. 
    • Applied on transparent and translucent surfaces, they create unusual visual effects. 
    • Mix with Liquitex Mediums to create luminescent fluid glazes


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