• Outreach

    Expanding Opportunities For Creative Expression

  • Liquitex is dedicated to expanding the arena in which acrylic artists explore their creative drive. In addition to manufacturing the widest array of bright vibrant acrylic colors and tools for use by acrylic artists we also support the visual arts community in a number of ways including: providing quality materials and techniques education, offering scholarships to talented students and providing extensive support to non-profit community arts and education organizations.

    As part of The Fine Art Collective, we employ a team of highly skilled artists to educate students of all ages how to maximize their acrylic paints and tools to the fullest extent. Through this program we visit thousands of students throughout North America each year and are dedicated to equipping them with all of the tools necessary to maximize their creativity into the future.

    Because we believe that every student, young or old, deserves the chance to explore their creative expression but may not have the resources to be able to do so on their own, we provide extensive community sponsorship opportunities to a wide array of not-for-profit educational initiatives and artists foundations across North America.

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