• What is the best way to prepare the surface of a sign to make it last?

     If you want to be able to clean a sign after painting it with acrylic paint there are several steps you should take.  Begin with a wood product meant for outdoor use such as MDO Board. This is a type of plywood that is bonded with paper on one or both sides, available from sign making supply houses. Apply 2 – 5 coats of Liquitex Gesso, sanding between coats. Once the painting is complete, allow 3 days drying/curing time. Coat with Liquitex Gloss Medium & Varnish. Final varnish with Liquitex Soluvar (Matte or Gloss) or polyurethane varnish. Soluvar is a clear, flexible removable varnish and can be removed at any time for cleaning with mineral spirits. Polyurethane is a more durable varnish but is not flexible or removable and will yellow over time. Varnish both sides and edges to seal against moisture.

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