• Please tell me why I should pay more for professional quality artist paints?

    There are four reasons professional artist colors are worth the cost:

    • Fine pigment is, by far, the greatest contributor to the cost of fine color. A single tube of artists’ quality color contains as much or more highly refined pigment than much larger buckets of household-quality paint
    • Every single pigment is unique, and every single color is formulated differently. In a range of 100 colors (like Liquitex Heavy Body Artist Acrylic Colors), there are 100 different formulations to take full advantage of the distinct
      characteristics of each pigment
    • Every color is formulated to provide the most stable and permanent film possible. House paints, by contrast, are formulated to last a decade or two, at most. With proper application, fine artist colors are formulated to last generations or centuries
    • Raw materials come from all over the planet, including some very obscure locations. The very best materials can be more costly to obtain. Quality raw materials produce quality products that enhance the experience of painting; that quality will be apparent in the work produced. 

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