• Liquitex Professional Waterbased Spray Varnishes : What is the best way of using Liquitex Professional spray varnishes?

    Here are some recommendations on how to use Liquitex Professional Spray Varnishes and avoid clogging of the nozzle: 

    - Try not to store aerosols below 15C (59'F) - if they have been stored around this temperature - do not use them until they come up to ambient again - all aerosols contain a mix of product and propellant, at lower temperatures the products wants to "drop out of solution" and so could either block the nozzle, or worse, come out of the nozzle as "blobs of product" which then fall on the work itself. 

    - Always shake the container vigorously before use to ensure the contents are homogenous.

    - Always hold the container upside and spray for a couple of seconds - this will send a spray of propellant only out of the nozzle and clear it 

    - Always do this at the end of use as well to clear the nozzle of material build up.

    - For best results, spray artwork flat.

    - Apply an even wet coating.

    - When spraying the can is to be held at least 20-25cm away from the work.

    - Mount the work onto "waste material" and spray side to side beyond the extremities of the work to ensure full coverage.

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