• Christine Ilewski

    St. Louis, MO

  •  Christine_Ilewski_Portrait

    Christine Ilewski's work has always been “personal.” She works from her "center": her experience as a woman, a mother, a wife; a domestic, intimate life. In recent years, she's focused on studies of her young daughters entering puberty; one struggling with a kidney disease. Occasionally she stumbles into political content as in “King of Hearts, Power Puff Girl” in the Democracy Now exhibit at the St. Louis Regional Arts Center.

    In 2010, she began a project, “Faces,” painting the portraits of children who have died as victims of gun violence. She paints a water color portrait of each child and donates it to the family. An acrylic transfer of that image is used to collage the “faces” on small vintage handkerchiefs. These have been exhibited in various ways and are posted on her web site www.ilewski.com in the fight against gun violence.

    Olivia Lahs-Gonzales, curator of the Sheldon Art Museum galleries, St. Louis, MO, wrote about her work: “Cheerful, vibrant colors belie underlying serious psychological issues that often have to do with interpersonal relationships.”

    Coverage Area: St. Louis


    To Book A Demo: cilewski@juno.com / 618-465-2528

    Past Demonstrations Include:

    • Columbia College, School of Art and Design
    • American Art Academy
    • University of Missouri
    • Illinois State University
    • Webster University
    • University of Colorado-Boulder

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