• Surface Prep

  •  Surface_Prep  

    Surface Preparations are used to seal, prime and add tooth (for color adhesion) to all surfaces such as canvas, wood, paper and metal. This same preparation is used for both acrylic and oil paint. Our professional gessoes usually take just one coat.

    Liquitex offers a range of acrylic gesso, each suited to different applications and purposes: Clear, Colored, Super Heavy and Gesso Primer. Our BASICS acrylic Gesso offers good value for money while also providing a high quality base coat suitable for a variety of surfaces.


    • Are flexible/non-cracking 
    • Do not yellow over time 
    • If using more than one coat, sanding between coats is recommended 
    • Adding Liquitex Soft Body color to any gesso creates customized tints and primers 

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