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     Liquitex Inspire Terms and Conditions

    Use of Liquitex's on-line Inspire Gallery constitutes as your agreement to the terms and conditions of Liquitex.com as well as all rules for contest participation outlined below.

    • Participants may upload as many times as they would like. There is no limit to the number of submissions by any one artist.
    • Participants may only upload in the artwork section their own originally created artwork.
    • Upon upload of your artwork, Liquitex will review your the work before publishing it. Artwork uploaded that is deemed innaprorpiate in any way, will not be accepted. Liquitex may provide an explanation for the rejection of artwork but is not required to do so.
    • Liquitex reserves the right to remove any submission at any time and for any reason and re-publish the work at any time.
    • Liquitex inspire gallery provides the technical means to for artists to upload their art. Liquitex is not responsible for the Art placed on the website and disclaims any liability in that regard.
    • By uploading artwork, users grant Liquitex the right to publish and display the artwork within any area of Liquitex.com in its entirety.
    • Liquitex cannot prevent or be responsible for the use or mis-use of the artwork uploaded to Inspire by other visitors to Inspire.


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