• Glazing Medium

  • Fluid Painting Medium
    Texture: Fluid
    Sheen: Gloss
    Relative Opacity: Transparent

    • For creating brilliant jewel like glazes with acrylic artist colors. 
    • Excellent brushing and leveling qualities. 
    • Dries quickly for rapid layering. 
    • Mix with any amount of acrylic color. Small quantities of color provide the most transparency. 
    • Works best with transparent or translucent colors. 
    • Flexible, non-yellowing and water resistant when dry. 


    • Apply to dry, painted areas to change coloration without losing established detail. Under layer must be thoroughly dry before applying the next coat. May be dried with a hair dryer to speed drying. 
    • Mix in a small amount of color with the medium. Mix thoroughly and color will lighten. Color will darken and go back to a thin, transparent version of the original color as the medium dries and becomes transparent

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