• Light Modeling Paste

    Lightweight medium for building texture

  • Gel Painting Medium
    Texture: Thick
    Sheen: Matte
    Relative Opacity: Opaque

    • A lightweight, airy, flexible, thick, sculptural gel specifically formulated to be used in thick applications where weight is a factor. 
    • Will not exhibit "mud cracking". 
    • Used alone, will dry to a matte opaque white that readily accepts staining if desired. 


    • Apply with palette knife, trowel, paint brush, cake decorating tips, etc. Different tools produce different effects. 
    • Mix acrylic paint into Liquitex Light Modeling Paste or let dry and paint on top. 
    • Mix with Liquitex Gloss Medium & Varnish to produce textured glazes. 
    • Add Liquitex Gel Medium or Heavy Gel Medium when using additional aggregates (such as sand) to avoid brittleness. 
    • Varnish with care to avoid foaming or clouding. Spray apply if possible.

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