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Inside Intermixability with Artist Evy Jokhova

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Lines and Layers

Thoughtful, meditative, and nothing if not versatile, artist and bookmaker Evy Jokhova worked under a number of creative guises prior to arriving at her current practice. London-based Jokhova has acted as a graphic designer, set and event designer, gallery manager, and book restorer, spanning a spectrum of arts-related occupations with panache. “These professions have always supported my education and development as a fine artist,” says Jokhova, whose pursuit of the arts burgeoned even further in the past, evolving with sophistication and focus over the course of time and travels.

Today, Jokhova’s artistic output reflects a layered exploration of architecture, space, politics and a sense of belonging in worlds both real and fictional. Engaging with the quotidian and “impossible futures,” Jokhova imbues her geometric, sometimes fantastical multimedia works with references to culture, theory and the depths of imagination – all of which begs viewers to look closer and think reflectively about the visuals and themes contained therein.



A Vanguard Approach

Jokhova’s multi-facted approach to painting is reflected in her embrace of intermixability as a practical concept. Recently the subject of a Liquitex artist feature, Jokhova champions a vanguard approach to painting, one where radical visions and experimentation are celebrated, not shunned. This creative dexterity is mirrored in her choice of products, favorites that include Gel Mediums, which she loves for the “endless possibilities of sculpting and painting with them. They cross from 2D media into 3D media.” Other materials of choice include Freestyle Brushes, “brilliant for painting large surface areas, in particular walls…for wall drawings,” and Clear Gesso for its range of uses and transparent qualities, which ensure that “the surfaces of the materials used are not hidden.” 

Read on for Jokhova’s prime tips about Intermixability, a succinct collection of advice for any artist looking to approach their work from an inspired, fluid new perspective.





Evy Jokhova’s Top 3 Intermixability Tips

1)Experiment, always experiment. 

Mix things that you think may not mix and see what happens, it might create wonderful unexpected effects.

2)Explore new frontiers with the help of mediums.

Making textured surfaces with materials such as Gel Medium can add interesting effects to otherwise flat colors by creating various areas of light and shadow. 

3)Layer colors.

Layering or overlapping colors creates an effect of different top color tones. This can be very useful if you are looking to create subtle differences in your work.

Be sure to visit our home of intermixability for more tips, techniques and inspiration. 

You cam also watch our video featuring more of Evy Jokhova’s intermixability tips. 


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