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Intermixable Mediums: Three Artists Doing it Their Way

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Intermixability doesn’t stop at combining your favorite Liquitex products, from Heavy Body to Ink, Spray Paint, Paint Marker, and more. Add Mediums into the mix and endless possibilities for achieving versatile textures, applications, color and finish effects are at your fingertips.


We headed to the studios of three intermixable artists and quizzed them on what Mediums they use, and how their finished artworks are transformed by the simple addition of Mediums.


Alan Sastre: Using Gloss Medium Varnish to make us ask, “How did that happen?”  


  • Medium of choice: Gloss Medium Varnish
  • Great for: Extending Soft Body and Heavy Body, getting a no-crack, glossy finish


“When unexpected things happen while I’m painting and I’m left wondering how, I’m fascinated. It makes both me and the viewer question my own work. That’s why I love Mediums.


 “While I was working on my Babble series (pictured above), I found it interesting to see how seductive colours become when mixed with Iridescent Medium. It’s all dependent on the viewer’s movement and the light in the environment. When I want to work alla prima – wet-on-wet – to layer up my work, I add in Slow-Dri Fluid Retarder. Increasing the drying time allows me to play with the paint and explore its intermixability. 


“But most of the time, you’ll find me using Gloss Medium when I’m painting with acrylics. It’s the most versatile Medium, in my opinion. It enhances the intensity of my colors, increases transparency and gloss, and makes the paint flow smoothly – no matter what the original consistency. Adding a layer on top of my finished piece gives it that otherworldly look, and I see people going up close to my canvases, squinting, trying to figure out exactly what happened to get that effect.”    


Alan Sastre is the winner of the Liquitex Painting Prize at Griffin Gallery Open 2015read more here.


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Jennifer Campbell: Using Matte Super Heavy Gel to slap on thick texture


 Jennifer Campbell


“I use paint to transform surfaces – I paint on anything from found wood to velvet. All paintings are objects but by breaking out of the canvas as surface, I get my paintings to admit their physicality. They’re like stage props: an honest lie. Functionally, this isn’t an easy thing to do – when painting on surfaces like plastic or fabric, I need to choose the perfect paints for the job.  The versatility of Liquitex acrylics and the Mediums that go with them allow me to do this.


“In the post-war rationing era, bakers used to dress cardboard boxes with icing to present the image of a fancy wedding cake without using up precious ingredients. That pragmatic dedication to texture is intriguing. Sometimes I just want to slather something in paint like that, so when I need a buttery consistency, I go for Matte Super Heavy Gel.


“I make my own paint mixes with different colors and textures and store them in jars, adding in different Mediums as and when I feel like I need a new flavor. It’s like inventing ingredients that allow me to make paintings of a certain flavor. I’ll make a batch of paintings with one flavor, and then I’ll change it up.”


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Jennifer Campbell was shortlisted in Griffin Art Prize 2014 in the Liquitex category.


Orlanda Broom: Using Glazing Medium to make a ‘changing’ painting



  • Medium of choice: Glazing Medium
  • Great for: Creating jewel-like glazes, rapid layering 
 Orlanda Broom


“Mediums are essential to the way I work, because I don’t use color straight from the tube. To me, it’s important to explore different ways to use acrylic color – it keeps my work from becoming tired. If you can make your materials exciting and interesting, your finished painting will reflect that! My paintings are densely layered, allowing details to emerge over time. Using different mediums, like Glazing Medium, I can create interesting depth and a ‘changing’ surface, where colors shift with light and new details are seen the more someone looks at it.”

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Orlanda Broom was shortlisted for the Liquitex Painting Prize at Griffin Gallery Open 2015 read more here.


Whether you want to make a ‘changing’ painting, add intense texture or just make people wonder how you did it, learn more about mediums and their textural influence here

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