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Intermixable Paint Markers: Three Artists Doing it Their Way

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Indoors or out, Liquitex Professional Paint Markers work perfectly as part of an intermixable toolkit. We caught up with three artists who use them to add extra intermixability to their practice and quizzed them on how they do it.


 Paint Markers 1


 The ink of Paint Markers dries fast, which is convenient for an impatient artist like me. My work is dependent upon layering, adding and removing elements as I go on; so I need materials and colors that can cover over the top of my previous choices and actions. The Paint Markers help me do this.


I begin with charcoal, before using my Paint Markers to cover areas with a lot of detail. When I’m adding in the figuration, I use Liquitex Professional Ink and the Heavy Body acrylics as well. I add and remove, add and remove until there’s no white space left. 


 Paint Markers 2


Paint Markers allow me to be as free as possible. With them, I can create whatever I want, wherever I happen to be.


For my art, they work best with Liquitex Professional Soft Body, Heavy Body and Ink. I love that I can easily combine them without running into any problems. If I want, I can sketch, paint or even write with Paint Markers, and use unlimited layers to find the exact color intensity I want in my work. No matter how much I layer the colour up, it works just as well with Soft Body, Heavy Body and Ink


Paint Markers 3  


Drawing was my first passion, and forms the basis of all my work; be it a huge wall mural or a canvas. With Paint Markers, I can bridge the gap between drawing and painting, which allows me to fully express myself and explore all aspects of my work. Working with them is a revelation.


I love the precision of the Paint Marker chisel tip. It’s sharp without having the hard-edged finish you get with a normal marker. As well as giving me clean lines, the paint is still fluid enough to be mixed with my fingers. Moving paint around with my hands is important to me, as it allows me to intersperse sharp-edged marks with subtle blends and color mixes.


I need to paint in a spontaneous, gestural and natural way, so predominantly, I use them with Soft Body, Heavy Body and Spray Paint. All of them create different effects and marks, but work together so well. For me, Paint Markers are an awesome tool; definitely my favorite, especially when used with Spray Paint!



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