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Introducing Liquitex Professional Paint Markers

Paints and Tools

To be able to sketch with paint, holding paint in your hand as you would do a pen is amazing, very tactile and fluid. I love it. – Dan Kitchener, professional artist, illustrator and animator about the new Liquitex Professional Paint Marker.  


Introducing Liquitex Professional Paint Markers; a range of professional, low odor acrylic markers designed for artists. With an unrivalled selection of 50 vibrant water-based colors and the ability to intermix with all other Liquitex color ranges, the markers are an invaluable and versatile tool.

An animator and illustrator for over 13 years Dan Kitchener is also a professional artist who exhibits and sells to collectors world-wide. Dan’s work and chosen media is very diverse, ranging from painting and illustration to graffiti, street art and 3D animation. Drawing and sketching forms the basis for all of his work, and he thrives on the challenge and scale of painting outdoors with acrylics and spray paint: “I see the walls and streets as extensions of my sketch books or canvases....blank surfaces that are crying out to be painted on!”

Robert Rost is a professional painter living and working in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. A teacher at the University of Arts “Willem de Kooning Academy”, Robert is also a co-founder of the art-collective Monkidoe which creates art for indoor and outdoor environments. His work covers a variety of media and explores different styles and techniques in painting. An advocate for painting outdoors, Robert believes that it gets “you and your art in contact with another audience and provides a different perspective on painting”. 



Robert Rost 'Daisy'


Robert Rost 'Rooster'


Color Brilliance & Maximum Compatibility

For Dan and Robert, the unrivalled color choice and the color match to the other Liquitex acrylic ranges is unique.

“The color range is vitally important for the Liquitex Paint Markers, and the fact that the range is able to blend seamlessly really enables you to get an infinite range of shades and colors, this is a huge benefit” says Dan. “Added to the fact that the spectrum matches the other Liquitex acrylics, like Spray Paint, Soft and Heavy Body, it opens up a whole new world to artists, something that hasn't been available before, it should allow artists to create some very exciting and unique fresh works!”.

Robert adds; “The 50 colors in the range are made from the highest quality artist grade pigments; as well as color brilliance, the properties of these pigments give each of colors unique qualities (opacity, transparency etc..) which you notice when working with them.

The great strength of Liquitex is that although each color range (Soft Body, Heavy Body, Spray Paints, Paint Markers) has its own unique ‘character’, they are the same professional paints and are completely compatible. Using the different ‘characters’ of the products and mixing them up can really give a painting more dimension.” 


Dan Kitchener


Uses & Techniques  

Liquitex Professional Paint Markers offer limitless possibilities: sketching, outlining, large scale artwork, fine detail, underpainting and mixed media.

“Paint markers are vital to my work” says Dan. Being an illustrator, they are such an important medium for me and the fact that the Liquitex markers are low odor means that I can indulge myself and spend as much time as I want working with them, without worrying about strong fumes. I have created pieces entirely using markers, something just black, but more often than not, using full color ranges. I also use the markers, for sketching out, for blocking in areas, and then for the final finishing detail. They are great for blending together background elements. I love the way the chisel tips can leave a chunky defined mark, and this can then be blended by hand into the backgrounds, I also love the idea of sketching with paint. Drawing and sketching is my main tool – even in the context of my animation. It’s something I do everyday and have done my whole life. To be able to sketch with paint, holding paint in your hand as you would do a pen, is quite amazing, very tactile and very fluid. I love it.”

Like Dan, Robert has used the paint markers primarily with mixed media, seeing how they blend with the other Liquitex acrylics and spray paint; “I've used them to add outlines, accents and highlights but to also articulate parts of an image which have a unique character.  For example, in “Daisy”, 2013, only the 15mm nib of the paint marker would have created the square chunky marks that characterize the middle part of the flower. Of course the markers are ideal for sketching, but the fact they contain such beautiful acrylics makes you want to use them for much more.”

Optimized Design for Ultimate Control  

Using a ball and pump valve system specifically designed to ensure the paint flows and mixes well, the markers are available with a choice of two nib sizes, 2mm & 15mm, and with a nib shape that provides the flexibility to achieve multiple line thicknesses. Dan Kitchener particularly likes the 15mm flat headed chisel tips: “They are great for creating huge thick swathes of color then with a simple turn of the wrist you can tear the lines to fine points, very versatile for illustration!”

Durability & Varnishing  

The new Liquitex Professional Paint Markers are versatile enough that they can be used on almost any surface, indoors and outdoors, from sketchbooks and canvas to brick, glass, mirrors and even plastic.

For ultimate permanence and durability, Liquitex Professional Paint Markers can also be finished with Liquitex varnish, without the paint bleeding or moving. *

*Please note:
Liquitex Fluorescent Paint Markers may bleed minimally with a brush applied varnish. To avoid bleeding varnishing with Liquitex Professional Water-Based Spray Varnish is recommended.



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