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Liquitex Research Residency - Cadmium Free

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 Kristy Hughes & Daniel Mantilla's artwork

Liquitex is delighted to announce that Daniel Mantilla and Kristy Hughes have been selected to take up our Cadmium-Free Research Residencies in New York City; these opportunities are being run in partnership with Residency Unlimited (RU).  Daniel was invited from a shortlist of artists suggested by RU and will be starting his residency August 1st; Kristy was selected from our Open Call and she will begin her residency on September 18th.   

Both artists will be taking part in RU’s studio program for 6 weeks, fully funded and supported by Liquitex.  The residency will allow them to work with our newly developed Cadmium-Free paint, as well as other Liquitex materials of their choice.

We would like to thank all those artists who participated in the selection process for these residencies and we look forward to seeing the work from Daniel and Kristy!

 Shortlisted Open Call Artists  

  • Alyce Santoro
  • Beatrice Wolert
  • Doah Lee
  • Hiromitsu Kuroo
  • Jaena Kwon
  • Kyoyoung Keum
  • Linda Lauro-Lazin
  • Lucas Perez
  • Patrick Brennan
  • Rachel Garrard
  • Raisa Nosova
  • Sawool Kim
  • Usha Shukla
  • Victoria Manganiello
  • Wei Xiaoguang
  • Wonchun Che
  • Yuki Maruyama

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