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5 Ways To Successfully Promote Your Art Online

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Can you believe we mark the 60th anniversary of Liquitex this year? That’s six decades of experimenting, learning and growing through acrylic paint, ink, markers and spray paint!

We’re lucky to work with and be inspired by some truly amazing artists around the globe. To celebrate our diamond anniversary, the Liquitex Artist Panel have assembled to ask your most burning questions.

This time, we asked the Panel how promote themselves and their art online, and cherry-picked five tips that will get you well on your way to boosting your profile.


 1) Kristin Gaudio Endsley: Appeal to a visual audience on Instagram and Pinterest to get overseas sales

I try to use Instagram as much as possible to promote my art.  I'm a visual person and saying things through a picture and a few words is more powerful to me.  The past two years I have also used Pinterest to get my art seen.  That has been pretty successful!  Whenever I feel uncomfortable putting my work out there to sell or be seen, I remember the feeling I get when someone from across the world buys a piece. It’s incredible to know how far your work has reached. 

More of Kristin’s art can be seen on her website.





 2) Michele Del Campo: Don’t forget your website is the first port-of-call for many

My website is my most important online presence, as it facilitates the understanding of my work as a whole, and it contains all relevant information about me. Clients and galleries and media usually contact me through my website. I also have a Facebook Page to keep people up to date about what I am working on and my events, and I also use sometimes Instagram for quick snapshots of my daily dealings. I also have a blog to spotlight the most important news and give a better insight into my work, ideas and process.

Click here to see Michele’s work on his website.





 3) Lisa Lachri Clough: Use tutorials to connect with other artists and promote your work

YouTube has been the best thing for getting my name out there and gaining exposure. I'm able to reach a much larger audience than any other platform I've used. Teaching videos have been huge for me. It's been a great way to connect with other artists in addition to promoting my own work and prints.

Take a look at Lisa’s artwork on her website.





4) Natalie Kalbach: Create a dialogue and be honest to your readers

I blog regularly about my artwork, struggles as an artist and my artistic progress. It helps to connect with an audience and give them a sense of understanding and community they might not have otherwise.

Learn more about Natalie’s artwork on her website and blog.





5) Hannah Adamaszek: Create a fanbase on social media and give them a behind-the-scenes exclusivity

I like to use visual social media, and Instagram is one of my favourites. It’s great to be able to show the process I use and the different mediums I incorporate into one work, so snap or video progress shots as I work, building a story around each painting.

Hannah’s artwork is hosted on her website.


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