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#LiquitexTips: 6 ways to create intermixable art

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Can you believe we mark the 60th anniversary of Liquitex this year? That’s six decades of experimenting, learning and growing through acrylic paint, ink, markers and spray paint!

We’re lucky to work with and be inspired by some truly amazing artists around the globe. To celebrate our diamond anniversary, we’ve assembled the Liquitex Artist Panel to answer your burning questions.

This month, we asked the Panel how they like to create intermixable art, and cherry-picked six tips that will get you well on your way to creating your next artwork.


1) Hannah Adamaszek: take advantage of the same colors in different mediums

“I like to use a lot of different products when I paint. It’s great to be able to use the exact same colors in spray paint and acrylics; it means I can use the same color in so many different ways. Having recently come across the Iridescent Medium, I mix it into everything. That little bit of shimmer adds more depth and something that makes the painting come alive.”

Hannah’s artwork is hosted on her website.



2) Jennifer Campbell: mix traditional and non-traditional paints

 “I often mix bright shades of Liquitex Professional Heavy Body with household emulsion to get a chalky pastel shade. The effect is reminiscent of the colors on a faded billboard poster or the washed-out turquoise on a sun-bleached postcard. I use color to suggest a false history by mimicking faded print.”

Click here to see Jennifer’s work on her website.



3) Kristin Gaudio Endsley: introduce new media to your usual style

“I was introduced to Liquitex products by another artist after mentioning I wanted to use spray paint in a few of my works.  The color selection is excellent, but the best feature is the low odor as I often use the spray inside my studio.  The Spray Paint blends well with my Soft Body and Heavy Body acrylics to create the effect I want.”

More of Kristin’s art can be seen on her website.



4) Nathalie Kalbach: explore dimension, layers and texture

 “I love to include different Liquitex products to create dimension, layers and texture. Two of my favorite combinations are Spray Paint and Ink; and Soft Body, Ink and Paint Marker.”

Learn more about Nathalie’s art on her website and blog.  



5) Jimmy Leslie: add gel mediums and varnishes at different stages of the creative process

“I really like mixing Liquitex colors with gel mediums for my mixed media collage work.  The gels allow me to attach both light and heavy objects to the substrates I’m working on.  Although I like a glossy look to most of my work, I usually prefer Matte Medium because the sheen makes it easier to photograph.  I can then use Liquitex Professional Gloss Varnish for the final sheen on the completed work once photographed.”

Jimmy’s studio can be seen online.



6) Mike O’Loughlin: layer your work for a strong tone and composition

“With a traditional painting, I use Liquitex Professional Spray Paint to tone the canvas, Liquitex Professional Paint Markers to draw out my composition and a variation of Soft Body and Heavy Body in my final layers. This allows me to use the products to my advantage to save time and come out with the best possible result.”

Mike’s website hosts his latest art – see it here.  




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