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Meet Ashley Kunz, our June Diamond Artist

Artists Features

To celebrate our 60th anniversary, Liquitex is selecting a Diamond Artist every month throughout 2015! As well as receiving a Liquitex care package tailored specifically to their artistic style, we’re showcasing their work on our website and Facebook page.

Meet our Liquitex Diamond Artist for June, Minnesota painter Ashley Kunz! Unbridled by the rules of solid formation, she rates Liquitex Professional Pouring Medium for its ability to merge colors for a truly intermixable, natural finish. For her prize package, she chose to try something new with Liquitex Professional Paint Markers, which are sure to bring an element of control to the beautiful chaos she so often creates. Learn more about the factors that swayed her choice here.

In this feature, Ashley shares her ‘who, what, how and why’ as an artist, speaking to Liquitex fans who want to incorporate intermixability into their artwork.


Intimate reflections

“For me, it’s important to create something new every day, no matter what is happening in my life. I paint when I’m happy, sad or frustrated, and my emotions manifest in my work. As artists, we expose a piece of our souls through our work and it can be a very intimate, even vulnerable, experience.”


Pouring paint for intermixable art 


“One my studio everyday essentials is Liquitex Professional Pouring Medium. I love the marbling effects I can create with it, and the fact that it doesn’t crack or craze! Using it, I am able to modify the world around me to create something entirely new. It’s liberating. I can create work that is uniquely complex with a depth difficult to achieve with traditional painting.

“Other necessities are Liquitex Professional Heavy Body and Liquitex Professional Inks. I need to know the materials are designed to work seamlessly together and play up their high pigmentation. One of the things I’ve really enjoyed doing lately is mixing Heavy Body with Pouring Medium and splattering Ink over the top – try it!”


Abstract art inspired by nature




 “I enjoy encompassing the essence of the night sky and deep water in my paintings, but right now, my focus is on creating amorphous shapes and using hard lines to “break up” my compositions. If you’re looking to do the same, I’d suggest using Liquitex Professional Paint Markers alongside the Soft Body paints. The Paint Markers give you precision in a world of acrylic freedom.

“Not everyone is going to like your work, and that's okay. Art is subjective. Even if you’re your own worst critic, it's crucial to have confidence in what you are doing and to never stop creating.”

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