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Meet Fay Summers, our October Diamond Artist

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To celebrate our 60th anniversary, Liquitex is selecting a ‘Diamond Artist’ every month throughout 2015! As well as receiving a Liquitex care package tailored specifically to their artistic style, we’re showcasing their work on our website and Facebook page.    


Meet our Liquitex Diamond Artist for October, Fay Summers, whose passions for graphic design, street art, typography, and fashion collide in her neon-accented, abstract multimedia works. A fan of Liquitex Paint Markers , mediums, and ink!, Summers will receive a collection of some of her favorite products in her Diamond Artist prize package.



Read on for more about the visionary Summers, her influences, and her liberating, “freestyle” approach to creating.



For Fay Summers, creative inspiration for her drawings and paintings comes from some of the most vibrant, cutting-edge fields. From fashion to street art, tattoos to design, Summers incorporates influences from assorted arenas in her own kinetically abstract works. “I'm an artist hugely influenced by fashion and beauty. I also have a huge love for high quality street art, as well as typography, graphic and tattoo art. Subconsciously, all these elements are fused together in my art, so hopefully my work continues to be varied and exciting.”  


Teeming with colors and life, Summers’ work encompasses an array of subjects and layers of media driven by the concept of intermixability. Working with different materials allows Summers’ projects to take on a life of their own: “I like to experiment with various art mediums to make my pictures exciting and unique. The Liquitex Paint Markers are a real winner, especially the jumbo version! I love using ink! and the impact you get from bright colours, especially neons and metallics.”


Meanwhile, adopting a more “freestyle” ethos has helped to liberate her of artistic pressures: “[I] have really enjoyed freeing up and [working] quickly,” she says. “I'm less afraid of messing [up]! You just have to go for it and keep pushing yourself or you'll never know just what you might achieve.”





This sense of freedom shines through in Summers’ art, which often emanates a beautiful lack of restraint. Colourful gestures and splashes of paint take over various surfaces, while other pieces are equally free yet reflect a sense of structure. “Sometimes I will revert back to simple drawing, which can give a really beautiful and clean result,” says Summers.




In addition to different creative industries, Summers finds herself invigorated by the world and inspiring people around her. “I pull on various influences, such as street art and tattoo art, as well as the world around me. I am lucky enough to live in London, with its incomparable vibrancy and spirit, so there is a constant feast for the soul,” she says.






Summers is also one for subverting creative rules, an impulse which propels her practice. “I hope that my art will be able to reach a whole new level and be used for good,” she says about her ever-evolving work. “I am very driven in encouraging people to make something for themselves, find their talent and passion and break free from the norm.  I also think we all need to take a step back and not be afraid to question what we have been taught. It is okay to not agree with what you've been taught.”


In this world of beautifully crafted chaos, Summers left us with a solid piece of advice for all artists: “Nothing is ever a waste, even if you consider it a failure, it is not. You learn from everything and it is just another step to making your journey better, both work-wise and as a living being.”


It’s an ethos that’s serving Summers well.




Keep up with Fay Summers on Facebook and her official website. Be sure to explore some of Summers’ favorite Liquitex products on our site.



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