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Meet Gregoire Guillemin, Our December Diamond Artist

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To celebrate our 60th anniversary, Liquitex is selecting a Diamond Artist every month throughout 2015! As well as receiving a Liquitex care package tailored specifically to their artistic style, we’re showcasing their work on our website and Facebook page.




Meet our Liquitex Diamond Artist for November, Grégoire "Léon" Guillemin. Guillemin’s pop art-esque works are subtly subversive, featuring familiar images in ultra-bright colors with a brazen, contemporary twist. In this exclusive interview, Guillemin, who also works as a Creative Director and Strategist, shares how he challenges cultural boundaries and reframes icons within his playful practice. 




Tweety & Sylvester, 2013

Acrylic on canvas


“[An artist] is able to admit that when [a] work is done, it no longer belongs to him,” says artist Grégoire "Léon" Guillemin. Guillemin is a master of reinvention, with some of his most notable works reinventing the likenesses and personas of pop culture icons ranging from Wonder Woman to Robocop – each with a slightly provocative edge. Taking cues from pop art and graphic novels, Guillemin splashes canvases with swaths of bright colors, reframing characters through his own experimental lens.


Guillemin is a gutsy creative, driving viewers to see the world differently via his art. Describing himself as less artist, more “eclectic graphical gamer,” Guillemin wants people to feel “destabilized when they look at [his] pictures.” He seeks to “[c]hange their viewing angle, push them to open their mind, to think outside of the box.” For his “Pop Icons” series, famous fictional faces like Alice (of Alice in Wonderland) and Superman are seen in various compromising positions. Guillemin worked with huge areas of big, solid color to create striking, eye-catching effects that were true to the original essence of each character, but clearly a deviation from the norm.




Spider Smoke, 2013

Acrylic on canvas



"The difficulty," said Guillemin, was mixing "good, [original] framing and a recognizable [element] of the character" in each work to "offer meaning on different levels for [each] subject." The final products are shamelessly funny, vibrant, and artfully ironic.


Acrylic paint is core to Guillemin's practice, with the artist reaching for aqua blue, canary yellow, and show-stopping red as he stays true to a Lichtenstein-esque essence in his work. Claiming he was "born with a pencil in [his] hand," there is something both painterly and illustrative about his art.


Clearly influenced by culture, Guillemin's primary advice for aspiring artists is to "believe in what you do and be curious" about the surrounding world. It's this curiosity that drives his own creative process, one canvas at a time.



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