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Meet Leyla Murr, our August Diamond Artist

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 To celebrate our 60th anniversary, Liquitex is selecting a ‘Diamond Artist’ every month throughout 2015! As well as receiving a Liquitex care package tailored specifically to their artistic style, we’re showcasing their work on our website and Facebook page.

Meet our Liquitex Diamond Artist for August, British painter Leyla Murr! As an intermixable artist, she chose a prize package of Liquitex Professional Soft Body and Liquitex Professional Heavy Body. Learn more about the factors that swayed her choice here.

In this feature, we explore Murr’s working practice, and how it begins and ends with the concept of freedom.


Freedom is important to Liquitex Diamond Artist Leyla Murr. “I find the Yorkshire moors so freeing and inspiring,” she says. “The changing weather patterns, expansive skies, rocky terrain and gentle green fields all play a big part in my artistic inspiration.”

She translates her passion for freedom onto canvas – and her palette reflects this. Comprised of Liquitex Professional Soft Body and Liquitex Professional Heavy Body, it’s an intermixable palette of yellows, reds, aquas, greens, whites and blacks. “I love color. Painting abstract compositions really pushes color and tonality to the fore. I put the brilliance of Heavy Body down to its high pigmentation. They’re the best paints for intermixability.”


Murr was an artist before she even knew it herself. “I have spent my whole life observing the world around me as an artist: noticing colors, shades, shapes and contrasts. Close, creative observation of the natural world has made me realise what an important part light plays. I definitely use this in my painting.” But a realisation like this is only the beginning. “Being an artist is a process,” she says. “Learning, exploring and adapting is a vital part of it. Lately, I’m learning more about color mixing and it’s added so much to my art.”



Color is important for all artists, not least of all for an expressionist like Murr. “When I’m in my studio and selecting my palette, it’s a really emotionally charged environment. It has to be, because I work so quickly. I’ll start with making marks on the canvas, and before long, the composition takes form. That’s the challenging part. Decisions have to be made instantly: which way to go, what marks to accentuate, what colors to explore. Sometimes I paint over certain areas with Titanium White; other times I inject even more color into that area. It’s all in the moment, and eventually I arrive at a place that makes sense both visually and emotionally.”


Intermixable painting plays a huge part in Murr’s artwork. To learn more about similar techniques and styles, visit the Liquitex home of intermixability


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