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Meet StreetArtDrop, our September Diamond Artist

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To celebrate our 60th anniversary, Liquitex is selecting a ‘Diamond Artist’ every month throughout 2015! As well as receiving a Liquitex care package tailored specifically to their artistic style, we’re showcasing their work on our website and Facebook page.  




Meet our Liquitex Diamond Artist for September, British artist StreetArtDrop. Using Liquitex Professional Spray Paint to reach art lovers everywhere, he’s breaking out of his comfort zone with his prize package, going for a hamper of Liquitex Professional Ink and Paint Markers.



We caught up with the artist to learn about his famous “street art drops,” his “freaks” and his “Boppers” – and what these terms means – and why art shouldn’t  be reserved for the wealthy and elite.




“Never copy,” says StreetArtDrop. “Just stay original. That was the advice I got when I was at an impressionable stage in life. I apply it to the way I live my life and the way I make my art.” And he means it, even keeping his identity mysterious by wearing a mask. “The masked man is a character I’ve created. He’s wild, flirtatious and cheeky, but the mask itself wasn’t born that way. I was having a bad day, feeling down, and I saw this mask that looked exactly how I was feeling – tear drop and all. Now, I put on that mask and turn into my manic alter ego.”



StreetArtDrop takes his namesake from a signature act: leaving artworks on the street and posting a series of clues about their whereabouts online. His paintings are usually gone within minutes. “It was a project that started in June 2012, officially, but I spent a year planning it out. I researched and researched to make sure it hadn’t been done before.” He drops a piece in a random location, often next to a street sign, and takes a photo for his Facebook fans and Twitter followers (a.k.a. his “Boppers”). The Boppers race to find it, and all StreetArtDrop asks is for a comment so he knows the piece has made its way into the hands of a fan.


One Halloween, he did a “#666 event”, where he hid artworks in the woods at night and had his ‘freaks’ dress up, ready to scare the Boppers while they were rummaging through the woods looking for their Halloween treats. Now, he’s done thousands of drops – usually in his hometown of Buckinghamshire, England, but the artist has also started taking his drops abroad, too.




Reaching a diverse audience through these drops is important to the artist. “Seeing how people of all generations fall in love with my art, the way it brings conversation to people, how they can see so much within a single piece that I haven’t seen myself – that’s what it’s all about. Even on the days where it all gets too much, nothing will ever come between me and my art.”



So what about the works? They’re abstract and painted with intense energy. “Art is my drug, my adrenaline rush, my buzz. The more I create, the more I find my way with learning new techniques. Every new piece brings a stylistic twist, and I love using different media within the same piece. Intermixability defines my art.” He’s a long-time user of Liquitex Professional Spray Paint, and with his Liquitex Diamond Artist prize package, he’s about to get intermixable with Liquitex Professional Ink and Paint Markers, too.

His cause is simple, but strong. “My art will always be affordable, no matter how far I might go. Why should the privilege of owning original art be something that’s only available to the wealthy? It’s what the drops are for. They’re about getting original art into homes that wouldn’t usually be able to spend all that money on a painting. They’re about inspiring others to pick up a paintbrush or spray can, if that’s what they want to do. This is the mark I want to leave on the world before I go.”



Learn more about the products in StreetArtDrop’s Diamond Artist bundle by visiting this page, and follow him on Facebook to find out when the next drop is happening near you.


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