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Spray Paint Advice From The Liquitex Artist Panel

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We gathered some of the world’s most talented acrylic artists to form the Liquitex Artists’ Panel, a collective of contemporary creatives who share their top tips and answer the burning questions of our loyal fans.

In the past, the Panel has spoken about the best tips for painting en plein air and shared their intermixability tips. This time, we asked the Panel what techniques they employ when using Liquitex Professional Spray Paint.

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Stuart Semple 


"The nice thing about Liquitex Professional Spray Paint is that you can use a brush to work with the paint while it’s still wet. At the end of the day, the Spray Paint is acrylic, so it behaves very similarly to the Heavy Body and Soft Body I’m used to. I always shake the cans really, really well so the nozzles don’t clog and after I’ve finished, I turn it upside down and spray the nozzle clear – it really helps extend a cap’s life."

Hannah Adamaszek


"Liquitex Professional Spray Paint is at the start of my painting process. Most of my work starts with a stencil I’ve drawn, which I then spray over. Then I work into the stencil with the Spray Paint freehand, adding highlights and lowlights.


Sometimes, I spray it into a pot and use it as an acrylic. Being water-based, I’m able to add water to make it work like a watercolour applying it with brushes."

You can see Hannah’s Spray Paint and intermixability techniques in action here.

LOWDOWN, a.k.a. Will Bentham


"I use Liquitex Professional Spray Paint to create a bold base layer for my portraits. Once it’s fully applied, I add splashes, scrapes and fine detail on top. What I am left with at the end looks strong and gritty – the low can pressure and smooth spray really helps the process."

Kristin Gaudio Endsley


I like spray paint to look like spray paint. When I use Liquitex Professional Spray Paint, there is little blending into the rest of the work because I want to give it that hard edge and street feel. I love the drip effect as well, so you might see me spraying in one place for a long time to achieve it.

Being a Spray Paint artist requires specialist knowledge of the paint. Visit our home of Spray Paint Accessories to learn all about the best caps to use and the ways to keep them as clean as your brushes.

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