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What Makes Muted So Special?

Paints and Tools, Intermixability

Colors that are difficult to mix at home in the studio

The Muted Collection opens up new artistic possibilities – these colors are not easily achievable by just mixing colors already available in our range. That’s because we’ve used a special blend of pigments to create them. The Muted Collection provides you with five beautiful new tones to help you push boundaries and fully realize your vision.


Perfect color matching across mediums

These brand new Muted shades are available across Soft Body, Heavy Body and Ink. They’re perfectly color matched so you can mix mediums as you work – color matching is incredibly difficult to achieve and our team of chemists have worked long and hard to make this possible. 


Fully intermixable

You can mix the Muted Collection with all other Liquitex paints and materials.

A tonal palette

These colors do not form part of a mixing palette – they’re a tonal palette of five exciting new colors: Muted Turquoise, Muted Pink, Muted Grey, Muted Violet, Muted Green.

An historic first

This is the first time Liquitex has launched a color collection, so we’re incredibly proud!


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