• Can I paint on leather with Liquitex Acrylics?

    You can use Liquitex acrylics to paint on leather but care must be used as long-term paint adhesion can be a problem due to variations in surface, thickness, fiber structure, oil content, dye type and tendency to stretch. Always do a test sample.


    • For maximum adhesion and longevity, the paint should penetrate into the leather.
    • Deeper penetration will achieve greater adhesion.
    • Remove any surface coating, shine, or smoothness by sanding with fine sandpaper or emery cloth.
    • Remove surface oils by wiping with alcohol (denatured or rubbing) or acetone only in areas to be painted. 

    Painting Techniques

    • Before applying paint, flatten and adhere leather to a stable surface.
    • For light or bright colors on dark leather first apply Liquitex® Soft Body Titanium White thinned with 25% distilled water to the painting area.
    • For more techniques ideas, check out the tips and techniques for painting on fabric.  

    • Wipe with damp cloth or mild soap and water. 


    • Paint may crack if leather is stretched beyond the binding capability.

    • Avoid wearing painted leather below 45° F. (Acrylic paint can crack if bent below this temperature.)

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