New Cadmium-Free Colors

The world’s first non-cadmium acrylic paint with the same performance as cadmium paint.

Watch it in action

Leave the risk taking to your art, not your choice in materials. Our new cadmium-free paints deliver the same performance, lightfastness, and vibrancy as our existing cadmium paints – they’re just safer for you.


We constantly innovate our product formulations to ensure they’re at the forefront of paint technology. Our new cadmium-free range is a world first, and has been rigorously scientifically and artist tested to ensure the same quality as our existing cadmium paints.

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"We’ve actually worked on this for the last three years, and believe that we’ve finally cracked the cadmium code."

Paul Lamoureux, Innovation & Development Director

Same cadmium paint performance, safer for you

Cadmium image description
Cadmium-Free image description
Color strength
Clean mixing
Safer for you

Heavy Body cadmium-free colors

Cadmium-free research residencies

To celebrate our new cadmium-free paints, we’re supporting nine artists with residencies in New York, San Francisco and London. Discover what these artists have created and how they’ve used the paints in their work. Keep checking in as more artists enter their residencies throughout the next year.

Artists take the cadmium-free challenge

We challenged artists to see if they could tell the difference between our new cadmium-free paint and existing cadmium acrylics. Watch to see the results.

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