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Professional Mediums

Professional Palette Wetting Spray

Spray onto your acrylic color to slow the drying process and stop it 'skinning' over

Additive Size: 237ml
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Key Features
  • Keeps your color/medium fresh and workable for longer
  • Slows drying time, thins paint, and prevents 'skin' forming on paints on the palette
  • Improves color blending when applied to painting surface
  • Maintains acrylic stability, paint adhesion, durability and archival quality
  • Ideal for dry and hot climates

How to Use
  • Spray over paints on the palette or a still-wet painted surface as often as you like
  • The more you spray on, the thinner and more transparent your color will become
  • If you're working over a long period of time, mix into color on the palette to keep it fresh for longer
  • Always rinse the spray through with warm soapy water after use, to prevent the acrylic formula drying inside and causing clogs
  • Do not shake and do not use with any non-acrylic media
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All our paints are intermixable and water-based, with archival results. Tested and certified at Duke University by the ACMI.

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Go with the flow and find new ways to transform your acrylic paints with Professional Fluid Mediums. Unlike using water to thin color down, these seven professional formulas maintain your paint’s structure, so it dries normally, stays robust and keeps its archival quality. And with a range of surface sheens and specialized results to choose from, whether you’re glazing, gloss boosting, extending your paint’s volume or lowering its viscosity, Professional Fluid Mediums have you covered.