Mekia Machine

Mekia Machine


Meet Mekia. A true ‘machine’ and multi-disciplinary creative who expresses herself through painting, composing, singing, and performing. During her Acrylic Gouache Residency, she created an incredible amount of work exploring themes of isolation, memory, and the essence of self, taking the familiar and formulaic and reimagining it into introspective psychologically-charged images. Working with vibrant palettes of pigment rich Acrylic Gouache, Mekia perfectly blended real and fictional positive narratives for people she loves and people she has never met.

“I’ve always had this question: could I paint someone’s portrait as they really are? Not just what they physically look like, but who they are beneath that.”

Watch her in action below.

Just Imagine Residency: Acrylic Gouache

East Orange, New Jersey


Below are some of Mekia's favorite Liquitex colors, selected from her studio during her Acrylic Gouache residency. Discover our complete Acrylic Gouache range here.


Watch the recording of our Instagram live interview with Mekia and Rebecca Byrne and learn more about her background, inspiration and work.

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