Rebecca Major

Rebecca Major



Meet Rebecca. Artist, creator, and explorer of the inner self. During her Acrylic Ink residency, Rebecca explored large scale work, perfectly blending figurative and abstract elements. Drawing from her experience growing up in New York City surrounded by creatives, Rebecca was inspired by spray art and graffiti line work that gives her work the dynamic yet ethereal look.

“I was influenced by creative people around me who were pursuing what they wanted to do, so it didn’t really occur to me that there was anything other than that as a life choice.”

Her experiences growing up coupled with a fascination with colorful lithographs found in antique medical textbooks, gives her work a unique style.

“My images evoke abstracted biomorphic forms that focus from macro to micro proportional relations of the bodily. My sources of inspiration are antique illustrations of anatomy that I rework as imagined abstract forms.”

Perfectly balancing color washes of diffused rainbows and intricate line work, Rebecca used Acrylic Ink to explore unknowable aspects of the inner psyche and internal spaces of the mind.

Watch her in action below.

Just Imagine Residency: Acrylic Ink

East Orange, New Jersey


Below are some of Rebecca's favorite Liquitex colors, selected from her studio during her Acrylic Ink residency. Discover our complete Acrylic Ink range here.


Watch the recording of our Instagram live interview with Rebecca, and learn more about her background, inspiration, and work


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