Sade DuBoise

Meet Sadé DuBoise, visual storyteller, acrylic painter, and orator of the Black experience in the Pacific Northwest.

“I view my work as sociopolitical by exploring the experiences of multi-racial people - predominantly African-Americans and our experiences and connectedness to nature through visual storytelling. I dispel the notion that Black people fear the great outdoors or prefer urban settings to nature by painting portraits of African-Americans in the great outdoors of Oregon.”

Watch her in action below.

Sade DuBoise Portrait Polaroid


We had a chance to catch up with Sadé to learn more about her inspiration, process, and work.

  • What advice would you give to artists who are just starting out?
    What do you resonate with? For me it’s Oregon landscape and portraiture. When I would jog through the Wildwood trails or go hiking and backpacking, I would feel calm and centered. I wanted to bring this to collector’s busy homes, offices and working areas. I wanted them to be able to take a pause and reflect on the piece(s). I wanted them to feel a moment of relaxation. Through portraits, I am able to make African-Americans the central focus and tell a visual story of perseverance, beauty, and vulnerability. So find what you resonate with, then go with that. Sketch it, paint it, or use whatever medium you have access to to get your ideas out of your head.   Start with cheap materials so you can experiment. I started off using $1 paints from Michaels Art, now I exclusively use professional Liquitex paints. The last thing you’d want to do is purchase high quality materials and then realize art or the type of work you’re experimenting with isn’t for you (believe me, I did this with $500 worth of oil pastels - which I haven’t touched in about a year or know when I’ll every get to learning that material).   Validate yourself. Once you call yourself an artist, you are one. Now make. Be consistent. Keep at it. Build a solid portfolio of work (took my three years). Start a separate page where you post your work. Figure out how to price your work, so when someone asks to purchase a piece, you can respond to their request.  


What’s the soundtrack to Sadé's work? Listen to her exclusive Spotify playlist here.