Here you’ll find all the brush sizes and shapes you need. Designed for use with acrylic colors and mediums, these five shapes will take you from drafting to final details, and every stage in between. With medium-soft synthetic bristles and long, smooth handles, Basics brushes are easy to clean, super durable and carry a good color load.

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Brush FAQs

Other artist have asked us...

  • Are real hair brushes better quality?
    No - different filaments suit different types of paint. For acrylic paint, synthetic bristles offer the best spring, durability, color carrying and distribution, while for water colors and oils different filaments such as real hair can be better.
  • What can I do with a fan brush?
    Use it for smoothing and blending your color. It gives soft, feathered edges and is excellent for creating textured effects.
  • How many different shaped student brushes do you offer?
    We offer five shapes - Bright, Round, Filbert, Fan and Flat.