Liquithick Additive

Add dramatic thickness and structure to your paint



Create custom viscosity and a matte finish without increasing paint transparency.

What it does
  • Allows you to create a spectrum of viscosities - the more you add the thicker it gets - from an oil paint weight, to a uniquely spongy, cake-like, aerated texture
  • Gives a matte surface finish
  • Maintains same levels of transparency and color
How to use it
  • Fully intermixable with all Liquitex products
  • Start by adding a very small amount of Liquithick to your color/medium
  • Mix well with a palette knife, adding more (up to 25% maximum) until you get desired consistency
  • Once applied, leave to dry for five to seven days for maximum strength and flexibility
How not to use it
  • As this is an additive – with no acrylic binders - do not add more than 25% to your color/medium and do not mix with other additives. This can cause excessive shrinkage, cracking and the acrylic film to break down
  • Do not use with any non-acrylic media 


Tips & Techniques

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Liquithick FAQs

Other artists have asked us...

  • What can I do with thickening mediums – I haven’t used them before.
    Gels and pastes allow you to take a single paint and get different results and effects, depending on what you mix with it. Start with our Basics Gloss and Matte Gels: they'll instantly thicken your paints, letting you play with texture, create peaks and dips and impasto techniques. You can also try moving into the Professional mediums range - take a look at the pastes, gels and Liquithick Additive. Pastes will take the color further and create almost clay-like forms and sculptural effects, while Liquithick has a unique spongy texture.
  • How can I get really really thick color?
    Try mixing your paint with Gloss Heavy Gel, Gloss or Matte Super Heavy Gel or Liquithick Additive. Each will give you a different result - Liquithick is more of a structural, opaque, spongey effect. The gels will be more rich and transparent.
  • What is an additive?
    A good question. Additives are used to adjust the chemistry of acrylic paints, but they are very different to the rest of the mediums family. Most acrylic mediums contain high proportions of acrylic resins, but additives do not. With most acrylic mediums, you can add as much as you like to your color without weakening the stability of the acrylic film, while additives will dilute the strength of the acrylic film. This means that you need to be more careful about how much you mix into to your paint or it will have issues around drying, tackiness, separation and durability. Our four additives offer really useful individual benefits, so just make sure you follow the directions for use before starting to work with them.
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