Matte Gel

Add body, with a matte finish



Reduce shine, extend volume and thicken, while extending open time - or use as a strong collaging adhesive.

8oz/237ml | 16oz/473ml | 32oz/946ml | 128oz/3.78L
What it does
  • Reduces surface shine, increases color depth and transparency
  • Extends your color further without affecting acrylic stability
  • Increases viscosity of soft body paints, giving a thicker consistency
  • Slows drying time and enhances appearance of brush marks
  • Acts as a heavy-duty collaging adhesive
  • Primes rough exterior walls for gesso application before mural painting
  • Maintains durability and archival quality
How to use it
How not to use it
  • Do not vigorously over-brush as this can result in a foggy, hazy look when dry
  • Do not use with any non-acrylic compatible media


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Other artists have asked us...

  • Why do you make so many gel mediums?
    Each gives you a unique result - changing surface shine, thickness or transparency depending on what result you are after. Have a look at the individual descriptions for more detail.
  • Why are some acrylic mediums milky, some translucent and some clear when wet?
    Some acrylic mediums are milky because of the water content within the emulsion. Others include matting agents that make them appear milky, while other mediums are formulated with a clear resin, giving them greater clarity both wet and dry.
  • What is the best Liquitex medium to use for collaging with heavy objects?
    Liquitex Matte Gel and Matte Super Heavy Gel offer the strongest adhesive qualities and will therefore be the best choices if you're using heavier objects in your collage.
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