Palette Wetting Spray

Keep your paint fresh and workable for longer



Spray onto your acrylic color to slow the drying process and stop it 'skinning' over.

What it does
  • Keeps your color/medium fresh and workable for longer
  • Slows drying time and prevents 'skin' forming on paints on the palette
  • Improves color blending when applied to painting surface
  • Thins paint
  • Maintains acrylic stability, paint adhesion, durability and archival quality
  • Ideal for dry and hot climates
How to use it
How not to use it
  • Always rinse the spray through with warm soapy water after use, to prevent the acrylic formula drying inside and causing clogs
  • Do not shake
  • Do not use with any non-acrylic media


Tips & Techniques

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Other artists have asked us...

  • Why does my Palette Wetting Spray keep clogging?
    It's probably because the acrylic resin in the formula has dried in the nozzle mechanism. See if you can remove the dried residue with warm soapy water and a stiff bottle brush, and try to give the nozzle a wash out after each use to stop it happening again.
  • Can I use Palette Wetting Spray on oils?
    No, Liquitex Palette Wetting Spray is designed to be used exclusively with acrylic paints.
  • What does Palette Wetting Spray do?
    Liquitex Palette Wetting Spray will keep your acrylic paints workable for longer and extend their open time.
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