Ultra Matte Medium

Add fluidity and a matte finish



Give your paint an ultra matte, opaque finish, while thinning and extending its volume.

8oz/237ml | 16oz/473ml
What it does
  • Dramatically reduces surface gloss to give a dead matte finish with no sheen
  • Maintains paint opacity, color intensity and hue
  • Economically extends opaque color to double amounts without affecting color or acrylic stability - perfect when underpainting or running out of color mid way through 
  • Slows drying time to help you create more subtle color blends
  • Lowers the viscosity of heavier body paints
  • Maintains paint adhesion, durability and archival quality
  • Makes a weak tinting white when you add over 50% of the medium, increasing the value of your original color by one level
How to use it
  • Fully intermixable with all Liquitex products
  • The matte effect is most obvious when mixed with opaque colors
  • Can be thinned by diluting with up to 25% water - distilled water will give best results
  • Mix as much as you like into acrylic color to create the viscosity and transparency you want - the more you add, the thinner and more transparent your color will become
  • Stir gently to avoid creating foam - if bubbles appear, leave it to sit while the bubbles rise and disappear
  • When running out of a color mid painting, just add an equal volume of this medium to extend it further
  • This is semi-opaque when wet, transparent when dry
How not to use it
  • Do not shake or vigorously over-brush as this can result in a foggy, hazy look when dry
  • Do not use with any non-acrylic media


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Ultra Matte Medium FAQs

Other artists have asked us...

  • Do you make any transparent matte paints?
    Our Acrylic Gouache paints are designed to be semi-opaque and opaque, so opt for a transparent Soft Body, Heavy Body or Acrylic Ink mixed with Ultra Matte Medium or Ultra Matte Gel. This will help you achieve a more transparent super-matte finish.
  • What’s the best extender for Soft Body?
    It depends what kind of finish you want. Ultra Matte Medium will double your volume without changing the viscosity, color position or opacity, but will give a matte finish. Alternatively Gloss and Medium Mediums will keep the viscosity but increase transparency a little.
  • Liquitex professional paints are expensive. Any tips for saving money?
    Top quality, professional paints are always going to be more expensive than house and craft paints due to the pigments and formulations. However, you can try some tricks like extending your professional color with a Liquitex medium when you're underpainting or sketching. Liquitex Ultra Matte Medium is a good one if you're using Soft Body Acrylic and are happy with matte for underpainting, as you can double the volume without changing the viscosity, color position or opacity of your paint. You can also use Basics colors for experimenting and drafting - all our colors are all compatible and work well together across professional and Basics ranges to give you the same archival finish.
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