How to combine String Gel and Pouring Medium

Combine Liquitex String Gel and Pouring Medium with your choice of colour ranges to create a three-dimensional, flowing abstract piece. Check out our guide below and try for yourself.

Video Transcript

String Gel & Pouring Medium Technique

0:08    Materials used: Soft Body Acrylic Paint, Acrylic Ink, Pouring Medium and String Gel. Pouring Medium increases flow and creates smooth, craze-free pools of color. String Gel creates long honey-like strands of glossy color that hold in place when set in pouring medium.

0:13    Mix 10 parts Pouring Medium with 1 part Soft Body Acrylic. Pour over canvas to create an even layer of color.

0:29    Mix String Gel with Acrylic Ink. Re-use an empty Soft Body or Acrylic Gouache jar to drizzle String Gel onto the canvas. Tilt the canvas to create a pattern.

0:47    Drip Acrylic Ink within the pattern. Tilt the canvas to create layers of color. Finish with accents of String Gel to achieve desired effect. Let dry for 24-48 hours.

String Gel
Pouring Medium
Acrylic Ink
      Pthalo Blue Green Shade
      Vivid Lime Green
Liquitex Soft Body
      Iridescent Rich Silver
      Titanium White


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