How to Create Dutch Pours with Liquitex Soft Body

Use Liquitex Professional Mediums and Soft Body Acrylic to create a windswept marble effect by trying a new pouring method. Check out our guide below and try for yourself.

Video Transcript

Dutch Pouring Technique

0:05    Materials used: Soft Body Acrylic Paint & Pouring Medium. Pouring Medium increases flow and creates smooth, craze-free pools of color.

0:08    Mix 10 parts pouring medium with 1 part soft body acrylic paint. Repeat for all colors.

0:20    Pour base color over canvas to create an even layer. Pour small puddles of color in one corner of your canvas.

0:36    Surround these puddles with a barrier of your base color.

0:40    Use a hair dryer to push your paint across the canvas.

0:51    Let dry for 24-48 hours.

Pouring Medium
Soft Body Acrylic Paint
      Titanium White
      Brilliant Purple
      Dioxazine Purple
      Iridescent Rich Copper


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