How to use our professional gloss gels

Three gels, three levels of viscosity. Watch our guide on how to work with our professional gloss gels.

Video Transcript

Liquitex Gloss Gel Mediums

0:11    Materials used:

      1. Gloss Super Heavy Gel - The thickest, most dense and sculptural out of the three gloss gels.

      2. Gloss Heavy Gel - Extra heavy body gel. Lower density vs Super Heavy Gloss Gel

      3. Gloss Gel - A thick, glossy gel. Lower density vs Gloss Heavy Gel

0:28    Mix with acrylic paint to increase body, density and viscosity. All gloss gels extend paint open time, increase color brilliance and transparency.

Gloss Super Heavy Gel
Gloss Heavy Gel
Gloss Gel
Acrylic Paint


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