Monoprinting botanicals with Heavy Body

Looking for the smooth application of print making with the thick texture of an impasto? This video demonstrates how to use Heavy Body color to create layered monoprint botanicals.

Video Transcript

Acrylic Paint Monoprint Flowers

0:06    Squeeze out Heavy Body color onto an acrylic or plexiglass surface.

0:10    Brush out your background layer.

0:13    Using a smaller brush, begin layering your design.

0:18    Top with lighter green highlights and details.

0:21    While the paint is wet, use a roller to firmly press a sheet of paper on top of your design.

0:25    Slowly lift to reveal.

0:26    Once dry, details can be added with markers or a small brush.

0:35    Slowly lift to reveal your monoprint.

Heavy Body Acrylic Paint


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