See how to create acrylic skins with Soft Body

We show you how to intermix Soft Body Acrylics with Pouring Medium to create durable acrylic skins. Find out how to mix, pour and form your skin before using it to add a 3D element to your work.

Video Transcript

Acrylic Paint Skins

0:06    Mix Soft Body Acrylic Paint and Pouring Medium.

0:08    Pour onto a clean, smooth plastic or glass surface.

0:18    Leave to dry, then gently peel off.

0:22    Use any way you like; 3D, sculpture, mixed media, etc.

0:26    Gloss Heavy Gel works well as an adhesive and so does Soft Body.

Gloss Pouring Medium
Soft Body Acrylic Paint
Gloss Heavy Gel


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