Patrick Brennan

Patrick Brennan About For Patrick Brennan, the excitement about painting comes from not knowing what’s next. Patrick’s abstract style embraces a vast array of colors, materials and mediums and has earned him solo exhibitions in renowned galleries from North America to Europe. During his Liquitex Cadmium-Free Research Residency in London, he brought a unique energy

Woody De Othello

Woody De Othello About With a penchant for vibrant, almost sensational colors, Woody De Othello connects with his audience by embracing vulnerability in his sculptures and paintings. Since graduating from the acclaimed California College of Arts in San Francisco, Woody has been featured at successful solo and group exhibitions across America. During his Liquitex Research


KOAK About Employing a distinctive comic-inspired style, KOAK uses her works to highlight the complex and personal themes of sexuality, human connection and female creativity. Her unique paintings and drawings have been featured in galleries internationally, and she’s recently been profiled in the New York Observer and Elephant magazine. During her Liquitex residency in San

Austin Eddy

Austin Eddy About Austin Eddy created an incredible body of work on the Liquitex International Residency, using his interest in patterns from Pennsylvania Dutch quilts and his daily explorations of London as initial reference points. Reflecting his primary concern with painting itself, Austin breaks his work down into shapes and colours rather than emphasizing a

Erik Parra

Erik Parra About From collages to installations, small drawings to wall-sized paintings, Erik Parra uses a breadth of materials to keep his practice dynamic. He has exhibited his award-winning works in major artistic hubs like Berlin, London and New York. During his Liquitex Cadmium-Free Research Residency in San Francisco, Erik used our materials to explore

Micah Wood

Micah Wood About Using his personal history and everyday objects as artistic inspiration, Micah Wood creates works that combine autobiographical and fictional narratives. A recent exhibition at the Johansson Projects gallery in California showcased a selection of his sculptures, paintings and performance pieces. During the Liquitex residency, Micah used his unique perspective to create large,

Kristy Hughes

Kristy Hughes About Using materials sourced from everyday environments, Kristy Hughes creates art that celebrates the complexity and nuances of normal life. From the controlled to the chaotic, the beautiful to the decaying, Kirsty’s layered works have been featured in galleries across North America. During her Liquitex Cadmium-Free Research Residency Kirsty embraced a range of

Allison Gildersleeve

Allison Gildersleeve About Allison Gildersleeve opened up a new vocabulary in her painting practice during her Liquitex residency, with a transition from oils to acrylic. A fresh way of working emerged as she activated the whole studio, working on the walls, tables and floor, using the full range of Liquitex materials. Allison is a Sharpe-Walentas

Shara Hughes

Shara Hughes About Utilizing an intuitive blend of mediums and techniques, Shara Hughes has become known for her surreal, symbolic and mystical works. Shara held a solo exhibition inside the Gallery Met at the 2017 Whitney Biennial and is represented by the prestigious Uffner Gallery in New York City. During her Liquitex Cadmium-Free Research Residency,

Tschabalala Self

Tschabalala Self About Tschabalala Self describes her current work as “exploring the emotional, physical and psychological impact of the black female body.” Showcasing an eclectic blend of colors and textiles, Tschabalala’s thought-provoking work has featured at solo exhibitions in Rome and London. During her Liquitex Cadmium-Free Research Residency at the Griffin Gallery Studios in London,