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Damiano Colombi



Meet Damiano Colombi. Painter, researcher and creative investigator. Damiano graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice, where his interest in abstraction, form synthesis and technical experimentation first emerged. During his Liquitex Just Imagine Residency in Rome, Italy, Damiano further explored the concept of experimentation of acrylic through a series of techniques executed on large format canvases.

“They are abstract works, stylistically in line with the research of my last year of work, characterised by an enthusiastic investigation into the expressive potential of colors and materials. Compared to the studies on paper, which I used as hints and compositional hypotheses, the works on canvas followed a new, changeable, almost improvised path, following the suggestions that the image itself had provided.”

His works demonstrate the versatility of acrylics, testing different viscosities and demonstrating the range of opacities, transparencies and variety of effects made possible with acrylic color and mediums.

“I use acrylic in all its forms: liquid in horizontal work on the ground, pastes for structural interventions and transparent glazes in wall work. I prefer it because of its versatility and the speed it allows me to work. My research is a pressing dialogue with the properties of acrylics.”

Damiano’s work relies on the indications offered by both the materials themselves and the colors used, resulting in new discoveries.

Watch him in action here.

Just Imagine Residency

Rome, Italy


Take a look at some of the Liquitex materials Damiano worked with in his Just Imagine residency. 

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