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With an unmistakeable style and palette, it’s no surprise that multi-media artist Duggie Fields draws influence from the comics and cartoons of his childhood - but a colorful circle of friends and wildly imaginative home also strongly inspire him. Duggie has been based in the same London live/workspace for over fifty years, surrounded by his own paintings, textiles and sculptures. “I think I’m really just a landscape artist – I paint what’s around me. I paint my internal landscape because I’ve externalised it… but it’s there, and it influences whatever I do next.” An early pioneer of pop forms, pixilation and dimensional effects, his work is dreamed up with a unique vision, and he curates his personal style to reflect it. Duggie has become part of his work - he is the art - and we can’t think of anyone who embodies the transcendence of imagination better.  

Colourful profile image of artist Duggie Fields in his studio


Below are some of Duggie’s favorite Liquitex colours, selected from his studio, including our Cadmium-Free Soft Body Acrylic. Discover our complete Soft Body Acrylic range here.


What’s the soundtrack to Duggie's work? Listen to his exclusive Spotify playlist here.