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Eva Chiara

Eva Chiara



Meet Eva Chiara, painter, color alchemist and creator. Like many artists, Eva’s artistic journey began by drawing as a child, and later attending art school where she discovered the weight, dimension and character of color. Eva is a graduate from the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice, where she was told by a professor that she had an ‘eye for color’.

During her Liquitex Just Imagine Residency in Rome, Italy, Eva explored the independence of acrylic color as a material, allowing it to live out its full potential and making the pictorial materials themselves the support for the work.

“What I am trying to do in my artistic research is to remove the support from painting, to remove the frame, the canvas, the paper. Anything on which it can lie down and never come off again.”

Alchemy and the concept of sublimation allowed Eva to discover unknown aspects of color, while analyzing how it can be transformed to create new visuals.

“Color for me is everything, it is matter, essence, feelings and nature. Everything in my head is created by the material of colour. Even when I work with other materials such as ceramics, I actually think about the liquidity of color and its effects.”

Relying on acrylic color alone as the protagonist for her work, Eva used a range of Liquitex materials to create and explore layers of color that result in a truly dimensional experience.

Watch her in action here.

Just Imagine Residency

Rome, Italy


Discover some of Liquitex materials Eva worked with during her Just Imagine residency. 

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